Greetings Citizens!
Its been many months since the last update, but the site still seems very popular. A big thank you to all those who have donated and used the store here, any help maintaining the site is much appreciated. The new site fees are due in September this year, and may see the node move to my .mac webspace to cut costs, but never fear it will be kept alive! If you can help with hosting please email me. The site weighs in at 43MB and rising!

The latest Faction The Adventurers’ Club has been uploaded, so head to the faction menu to download it.

In other news the download links for many factions have been fixed, thanks to Christian for letting me know about it.

Due to demand I have also uploaded the popular Aldebaran 2 mod, available from the download page. Interest in a new version was sparked in the threads at apolyton but it seems to have died off.

#endgame has also sent me a utility called ModMan, its an automated faction loader for the PC. Get it from the downloads page.

GrilFight_Club has been busy and organised a SMAC portal for us all, called the “Planetary Datalinks”, check it out in the community links sidebar. RIP to “ac argentina”.


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The latest faction “Acolytes of the Flame” has been uploaded, you can grab it from the factions or downloads section, enjoy!

Also a new preview for pentalarc’s next faction “The Adventurers Club” has been uploaded to the previews section, so be sure to check that out.

The Return to Earth themed faction set has been uploaded!
It was a long time in the making but I’m sure you’ll be happy with the result. As a surprise bonus there is also a scenario in the download, set on m@ni@cs earth map. You can download the set from the factions menu, there is a new section to view the themed sets there, or go to the downloads section.

I’ve also added some themes to celebrate the event, the camouflage ones are escpecially suited to the set, the scenario is great if you like an aggresive game!

Dont forget to check out the previews section for the next faction too, Pentalarcs “Acolytes of Flame”.

The Return to Earth themed set is in final testing, so it will hopefully be uploaded any day now.

Some bad news, I’ve lost all the files for The Return to Earth set…so it will be a while longer till it’s released, but everything else is going well…check out the new shopping page via the link on the left hand side of the page, if you plan to buy some software, memory, books, please click through the links and help support the networknode!

Just to clarify also, there will be still be themed faction sets, but mostly factions will be released on a one by one basis,
to keep the site fresh.

The download links for the themed faction sets have been
fixed also, thanks to the visitors who have informed me of broken links and other anomolies.

Thanks again to those who have made a donation, its really encouraged me to keep working on the site.
Alpha Centauri must surely have one of the longest lifespans for a computer game ever!


Greetings Citizens, I have fixed the flash detection page so users can still enter with their current player, apologies for
the oversight, especially to the *nix based browser users.

Many thanks also to those making donations to help me keep the site posted under its own domain name, please follow
their fine example and help out if you can.


Welcome Citizen to networknode v.05!

I hope you enjoy the new site, its been a while in the making…but here it is, in all its glory!

I’ve done away with the concept of faction sets, that way factions can be added one at a time, and updates will hopefully be quicker.

I’ve also added a donations link to the right of the news page, please make a donation to help me pay for the site, its much appreciated!
Those who make a donation, email me and I’ll send you a
link to a bannerless page, fair deal?